WeCare For Patient

WeCare is your personal health assistant that helps you to keep track of your health in a friendly and interactive manner. From cloud based report storage to personalized medical attention, we offer it all.

Timely and affordable health services on your fingertips anytime, anywhere

Storing and accessing your medical records and lab reports was never easier

Personalized immediate medical attention including audio and video consultation

Predictive analysis of your health status based on your report data recorded and stored periodically.

Seamless integration with LabScion / Lab Manager used by leading diagnostic labs

HealthScion For Lab

HealthScion for Lab is an efficient Lab Information Management System (LIMS) with built in functionality that enables your business to interact with patients like never before.

Integrated Lab Information Management System for flawless customer dealing practices

Acquire new customers, plug revenue leaks and increase repeat business

Get more done with streamlined daily operations, customized reporting, multi location access and reduced turnaround times

Connect to referral doctors, outsourced labs & patients on a single platform

Seamless Integration Between Labscion / Lab Manager and WeCare

HealthScion For Tele-Radiology

HealthScion for scan centres has a next generation technology platform that is hosted on a cloud, built on a Service Oriented Architecture incorporating a core lossless medical image compression and transmission engine that connects radiologists and scan centres for on demand tele-reporting services.

Vendor Neutral Architecture that solves interoperability issues in hospitals by connecting with existing HIS Systems, PACS, Modalities (Siemens, GE, Philips etc.)

Highly Scalable, more efficient and easily customizable workflow to suit single imaging centers or large multi-specialty hospital groups.

Highly cost effective, with excellent ROI, instant availability of medical records, and faster reporting turn-around times.

Fully hosted model and Cloud-Ready with minimal capital expenditure.

HealthScion For School

HealthScion enables schools to play an active role in their students’ health by providing an integrated platform to record, manage and analyze students’ medical records.

Plan, record, track, update and share medical records of students like never before

Cloud based storage and hassle free access of reports minus the cumbersome paperwork

Analyze students’ health with our user friendly and highly visual dashboards

Compliance with guidelines of HRD Ministry, Government of India in the best interest for students

HealthScion For Corporates

Your Employees are the most important resource of your organization. HealthScion provides a cost effective solution to managing employees’ periodic medical checkup and recording health records.

Timely, affordable and seamless health monitoring of your employees.

Record, track, update and share health records of employees with ease.

Cloud based storage and hassle free access of reports minus the cumbersome paperwork.

Analyze employees’ health using dashboards.

Medicines For Individuals

HealthScion through our partners CAREDOSE provides medicine management service that delivers your medicines pre-organized, and labelled by dose, in a reusable and portable dispenser and ensures that you never miss a dose.

Seamless medicine management service that pre-organizes, packs and labels each dose into a pouch, while retaining manufacturers packaging

Reminds you via SMS/WhatsApp to take your dose at the due time

Makes it easier for you to carry your medicines, even when you’re travelling

Sends your next refill of medication automatically at your doorstep, before you run out of stock.