With a seamless integration of healthcare and technology, we offer features that
make your lab processes easier and faster.

Billing and investigation booking

A quick and easy billing feature enables you to provide real time billing information to your patients. From a fully automated investigation booking system to the storage of billing information, we make all your processes ready on the go.

Welcome SMS to patients

We ensure that you connect with your patients with real time, personalized information. Our welcome SMS feature enables you to communicate with your patients every time they register, book or enquire about your services.

History of patients records

With our cloud based patient history records, you can analyze, visualize and compare patient information with ease. We make sure that you are equipped with all the information needed to reach and confer with your existing patients seamlessly.

Fully customisable reporting

From report content, type and page setup to customized patient information, we make it possible for you to customize your reports according to patient requirement.

Multi center collaboration

Along with a seamless communication experience with your patients, we also make it possible that you have a hassle free collaboration with centers across the country. Our integrated MIS system helps you create and manage multi center collaborations with ease.

Consolidated Account Statements

Our consolidated account statement generation system will help you manage your accounts effortlessly. With a complete integration of patient details, billings and tax information, our consolidated accounting feature is designed to make your account processes faster and easier.

Reports Printing and Delivery Management

Printing reports has never been this easier before. We ensure that you manage report printing and delivery effortlessly with a complete integration of customer address information and delivery timings.

Intermittent connectivity Module

Our highly efficient connectivity module makes it possible for you to access and edit patient information from anywhere, anytime. The cloud based information storage equips you with hassle free data collection and access.

Live Inventory Management

We make it easier for you to acquire, store and manage your inventory with an integration of data and technology. It’s high time that you say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and automate your inventory management with our highly efficient system. Our Live Inventory Management system provides you with the following:

  • Hassle free recording of your inventory data
  • Real time updating in inventory with bar code integration
  • Reminders and report generation for reordering and procuring inventory

MIS Reporting & Analytics

Our centralized database reporting and storage makes it possible for you to access and analyze patient reports to generate predictive health information. Whether it is communicating with other labs and centres or with your patients, HealthScion makes all your processes easier.

  • Generate reports and analytic data with ease
  • Record and Access database with our centralizes management information system

Doctor Panel Management

Our Doctor Panel Management makes you add and manage referral doctors with ease. `A personalized referral doctor login equips doctors with an efficient information access and management system.

  • Referral Doctor login option with complete patient information
  • Easy collaboration with doctors using automated panel management system

Role Based Staff Login

From staff usernames to location and date management, our role based staff login will never let you worry again about staff absenteeism and leave recording.

24X7 Access Anywhere. Anytime

A cloud based system that lets you access information seamlessly across platforms. Whether it is mobile app, desktop, or tablet website, we make sure that you have the information handy.

Effective Customer Support

Highly effective customer support system to solve all your queries and complaints. We offer various ways to communicate with our customer support assistants for your maximum comfort.