HealthScion For Tele Radiology

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Key Drivers

Improved Clinical Access

CMIE platform offers process efficiencies by automating the collection and presentation of data within clinical systems for a truly integrated enterprise.

Minimize interaction with the System by reducing mouse clicks and eliminating redundant activities.

Flexible ancillary tools to capture clinical data before on screen shows up. Prior images to prior reports.

Automated display layout with intelligent image hanging protocols.

Improved Presentation

Advanced visualization tools for routine image view.

MPR/MIP tools and access to 3rd party viewers for 3D visualization image fusion, Gated SPECT and mammography viewing protocols.

Modality specific imaging tools are available such as:

  • Web base MPR/Volumetric image presentation for CT and MR
  • Image stitching and surgical planning for orthopaedics.
  • PET / CT Fusion for simultaneous metabolic / anatomical viewing.
  • Native imaging tools for cardiology modalities.
  • Nuclear Medicine imaging with available quantitative gated SPECT

Optimised Lossless Compression

Real Time Reporting

Exchange of Radiology studies/reports between the Scan centres and Radiologists are made accessible in a real time environment.

High-end Security

  • Powered by HIPAA compliant imaging distribution technology
  • Have strong security mechanisms in place to protect data security and information.
  • Secure modality connectivity setup with negligible infrastructure cost to the centres and hospitals

24/7 Customer Support & Availability